Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Confessions: To Write or Not To Write

And that is the big question!
I've been meaning to write a post on how my life has changed with work. Gone are the days of frivolity and indolence, all I now crave for is a breather. But work has shaped me into a much more responsible being. More on how life is... 'Coming Soon'!

PAR Enterprises (Tinting Machines)
Copywriter and Ideator: Debalina Chowdhury
Advertising agency: Ebong Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

Bodycopy: We, PAR Enterprises, one of the leaders in manufacturing high-end manual and automatic tinting machines, have resolved to assist you. With our decades of experience in this industry, we have been designing machines capable of delivering every tint with accuracy. Capturing every hue and recreating every shade with passion and perfection.

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'Persian Kabab Festival', Marco Polo group of Restaurants
Copywriter and Ideator: Debalina Chowdhury
Advertising agency: Ebong Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

Bodycopy: Picture yourself in a frame with roasted pieces of juicy meat smouldering on skewers. The sizzling aroma of the kababs, the warmth of the Persian sun and the smell of the earth beckon you. Savour the taste of Persian Kababs this winter at Marco Polo.

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Quintos Sorbet

Quintos Sorbet
Tagline: Naturally Guilt-free
Copywriter: Debalina Chowdhury
Advertising Agency: Ebong Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata

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Friday, November 18, 2011


Following is something that a very close friend of mine has written for me. I'm publishing this with his consent. I have named the fragment - 'Crimson'.

Blooming crimson tearfilled eyes;
As I ponder on needless lies!!
Myriad hues, dark door-less rooms;
Inside my head the cannon booms.
Directionless, I'm stuck in a swamp,
Shivering alone in clothes wet... damp!
Them wolves and jackals all bay in greed,
One small chance, they pounce... they feed!
Is there a someone, come save me...
Make this the nightmare, please wake me!

Spectrum of Thoughts*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

That shalt Not be Spoken

Like two lost pieces of a puzzle,
We fell down together. Like a dice,
We rolled over and over,
But on two different boards.
How come we never met before?

When the ship was ashore, and
The boat left.
Like we took the same train, but
In two different compartments.
How come we never crossed each other?

Not many could fathom this, but
With rounds of interrogation
A lot of contemplation
And all the questions left
Unanswered. Unspoken.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A few dreams, here and there... scattered.
And a lot of deep thought... given.
Fragmented wishes... rippling within.
Tormenting past and bitter-sweet memories...
Don’t know what I’m holding,
Between my dreams and nightmares
A transition perhaps.

Love notes, roses and stuffed toys.
The entire bundle of joy,
Goes wasted and from ashes to ashes
From dust to dust.
I remain...the worn-out soul.
Behind the woods, beyond the moon
A silver silhouette of the lores
Of forgotten days.
An era perhaps.

Tomfooleries and buffooneries
Food for thought and
Lost pages of my diaries.
Corpses of dead expectations
Lie naked underneath the garb of smiles all fucked up.
An inside joke perhaps.

Decked up halls
Fucked up life.
Waiting for an
Engagement with death
“Not so soon”, speaketh thou!
“Despicable me”, I cry aloud!
And nobody answers the door.
An empty house perhaps.

Blank pages and unscrupulous thoughts
Thou sayest, “speak to me not”
I cry in vain but you don’t see
I scratch my elbow and bruise my knee
And the heart breaks too,
 If you haven’t noticed sire
Into a thousand pieces, for a liar
Promises broken and shadows remain
A dark room in the mind, perhaps.